Marika CHE 1


Growing up in Budapest in de 1930's , Marika has the same feelings and worries as every other girl. She has great dreams of wrinting romantic novels and exploring far-off lands - and the hope that Adam, a quiet boy with curly dark hair, will finally hold her hand on the walk home from school. Marika has bitter disppointments, too, like the wall that is built to separate her father's rooms from her mother's.
But Marika's life is about to be changed in ways she could never have imagined.

In 1944 the Nazi's invade Hungary, and Mrika's family is forced into hiding. As her world shatters around her, the concerns of Marika's childhood suddenly seem very small and far away.
Unspeakeable acts of anti-Semitisme are everywhere. Now Marika will need to call upon her sharp intelligence - and an unexpected core of strength and courage - to keep herself and her family alive.

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