The Viking Saga TREE 1


Viking's Dawn
Harold is an adolescent who sails with his father on a raid to Scotland. They come to grief on an island in the Hebrides.

The Road to Miklagard
Harald is now a young man, his father has died. He has a complicated series of adventures which takes him to a giant's treasure cave in Ireland, then Jebel Tarik (Gibraltar), then to Miklagard (the Viking's name for Constantinople) where he joins the famous Varangian Guard. Eventually Harald returns home to Norway via the great ship-portage on the Dnieper.

Viking's Sunset
Harald is now a mature man, and enjoying a peaceful life of farming with his wife and sons. When his village is attacked, he forms a crew of Vikings and pursues the raiders. The chase leads him across the Atlantic Ocean to the east coast of America. He and his crew encounter Inuit and then Native Americans. Harald's final fight takes place among the native tribes. In a great battle, it is revealed that he is a berserker. Significant scenes include the death of one of the raiders, Havlock Ingolfsson, whom Harald abandons to die on a skerry, and Harald's death at the hands of Heome, the mad handless brother of heroic Wawasha. The brothers have similarities with Loki and Balder respectively. This novel has obvious parallels with the Norse Vinland saga.

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