The Apple Cart SHA 2


While some of Shaw's earlier plays are still performed, his later plays, such as The Apple Cart, are barely known.
It is doubtful how seriously we can now take Shaw as a political thinker. Despite writing in the 1930s, he has little to say of the nature of totalitarianism.
But it is Shaw the dramatist rather than Shaw the political philosopher who still holds our attention - even in plays as explicitly political as this.
He had a sharp intellect and a quirky sense of humour, and his dialogue still glints and sparkles: he couldn't write a dull line if he tried. No matter how serious the themes he addresses, the crispness of his writing and his lightness of touch still scintillate. Shaw seems, perhaps unfairly, out of fashion nowadays. But even in this lesser-known work, he demonstrates his matchless ability, still undimmed, to provoke and to entertain.

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