The teacher's toolkit SISO 454.0


Raise classroom achievement with strategies for every learner

Packed with practical classroom strategies this teacher's resource will enable you to: - meet the needs of different learning styles - stimulate your own creativity - add spice to your teaching - challenge the gifted - and the disruptive! Whatever subject you teach, this comprehensive volume will help you to develop thinking skills in your students; promote citizenship and an understanding of democracy; fine-tune study skills and help students acquire the attitude and skills for true independence. Drawing on neuroscience, psychology and sociology The Teacher's Toolkit provides an overview of recent thinking innovations in teaching and presents over fifty learning techniques for all subjects and age groups, with dozens of practical ideas for managing group work, tackling behavioural issues and promoting personal responsibility. It also presents tools for checking your teaching skills - from lesson planning to performance management. This is one of those rare and precious books which has that uncanny knack of revealing explicitly to you things about teaching which you knew instinctively all along but had never thought about so clearly. - Professor Tim Brighouse, Chief Education Officer, Birmingham Education Authority. Paul Ginnis has constructed a toolkit for teachers which is the finished article. Well informed, well researched and well written, this is a book which every teacher in the land should get their hands on. - Alistair Smith, author and leading educational trainer.

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