The hooded man BENN 1


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And Cory knew it would be soon. He'd already seen the hooded man from his bedroom window, looking up, ready to strike, a grisly but familiar figure ever since his best friend, Fred, was killed in a tragic accident. There had been four of them once -- Fred, Cory, Frank, and Miles -- playing a fraternity prank. But Fred had fallen as they were trying to steal the bell atop the town's historic Meeting House.
Cory's world stopped as his friend fell facedown to the earth, dead, gone forever. Fred hadn't even wanted to steal the bell.

The hooded man blamed Cory for Fred's death. He blamed him, Frank, and Miles -- and he wanted revenge. There would be no peace for Cory or the others until they discovered who the stalker was, until they stopped him from committing murder. Unless one of them was murdered first...
Young Blackbirds 13 - 16 jaar

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