Dr. Thorne TRO 2


Level C

When young Frank Gresham came of age, the once-prosperous Greshamsbury estate had, by mismanagement, become greatly reduced in value. Boxall Hill, one of the glories of the property, had been sold to Sir Roger Scatcherd, who also held mortgages on the rest of the estate. It was evident that Frank must marry money and his mother, sister of the Earl de Courcy and very conscious of her rank, would hear of nothing else. Frank, however, was already in love with Mary Thorne, a niece of Dr. Thorne, his father's friend and the family doctor - a man of family but with no fortune.It was known only to the doctor that Mary was the niece of the wealthy Sir Roger, the illegitimate child of his only sister, and that her father was Dr. Thorne's scapegrace brother Henry. Roger Scatcherd, then a village stonemason, had killed his sister's seducer, and while in prison for the crime, she had married a former sweetheart and emigrated to America, telling her brother that the child had died. Dr. Thome adopted the infant, educated her and finally took her into his home as a loved daughter, where she had been intimate with the Gresham family.

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