Hurry On Down WAI 2


Level A

John Wain's literary excellence lies in his simple style of writing. Hurry on Down is a study of disaffected youth in 1950's Britain. This Briain is smokey and industrial and everyone is earning a wage. This is the world of mugs of tea, Woodbine Cigarettes, rainy streets, fog and smog, a country that appeared to exist in continuous monochrome and the enigmatic pre-decimal coinage, even the book jacket proclaims that it cost "2/6" (two shillings and sixpence).

At the centre of the book is Charles Lumley. Given that the book was written in 1953, Wain had become part of the tradition that had spawned fifties Anti-Heroes (Look back in Anger and Rebel without a cause). Lumley's first act of rebellion is to forego his university education and become a window cleaner.

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