For Whom the Bell Tolls HEM 4


From its original location in Swansea Castle to its present home on a patch of land still known as Cox's Farm, Swansea Prison has had a long and colourful history. In this accessible and fully illustrated book, author Peter Goodall charts the most dramatic moments in the history of the prison, retelling the stories behind the fourteen executions which took place there between 1858 and 1958. Drawing upon material from local newspapers and eyewitness accounts, this volume offers a highly readable account of this aspect of the prison's history. Beginning with the execution of two Greek sailors for a drunken murder committed while their ship was in port, and concluding with such pitiful tales as that of a local man who threw his small daughter off Swansea Pier, For Whom the Bell Tolls is a gripping read. The text is punctuated by illustrations and text boxes that include especially interesting snippets of extra information. It will appeal to an extremely wide readership among both the tourist and local market, as well as to those interested generally in popular as well as criminal history.

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